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 Question:  How to pass all traffic through the modem

 ID:  SD-10137


P660HD1 / P660HNF1 / P660HWD1 / P660HWP / P660RD1 / P660RT1v3 / P660RUT1

 Firmware/Driver Version: 

 Prerequisite Information: 


How to pass all traffic to another router

Issue: How to bridge the modem

Product(s): Prestige 660 Series / EQ 660 Series

Firmware Version: NA

Information Required:

1.      Modem IP

2.      Modem Password


1.      Connect the cables

a.       Ethernet cable from Modem to Router WAN Port

b.      Ethernet cable from Router LAN port to computer

2.      Set a Static IP to your computer.

3.      Log in to the modem

4.      Bridge the Modem

a.       Under Advanced Setup Click On LAN

b.      Click On LAN Setup

c.       Change DHCP to None and apply

d.      Under Advanced Setup Click on NAT

e.       Under Network Address Translation select None

f.        Under Advanced Setup Click on WAN

g.       In WAN Function click on WAN Setup

h.       Change Mode to Bridge and apply

i.         Log out of modem

5.      Set your computer back to “Obtain an IP address”