Question:  How do I clone my computers MAC (Media Access Control) address to replace the WAN MAC address of the NBG-416n?

 ID:  SD-10255



 Firmware/Driver Version: 


 Prerequisite Information: 


1)      Using the computer that previously worked when wired directly to your modem, connect that computer (and only that computer) to one of the four LAN ports on the NBG-416n.

a)      Open a web browser and clear out the address bar. Type in and press enter.

b)      You will get a login window. The username will be admin and the password will be 1234. Then click OK.


c)      You may be asked to change the password. If you are, click Ignore to continue. Then select Advanced Setup from the options screen.

d)      On the Status page, click on Network at the left side of the screen and then click WAN.

e)      At the bottom of the WAN page is the WAN MAC Address section. In here you should be able to select Clone the Computers MAC Address. This should automatically find the MAC address of the computer currently connected to the NBG-416n. Once that option is selected click Apply at the bottom of the page.

f)       Now the NBG-416n should be using the MAC address of the computer connected to it. If this computer was the one previously working when wired into your modem, the NBG-416n should be able to connect to the Internet. Any device connecting to the NBG-416n after this should be able to get on line.



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