Question:  How do I connect my Wireless Router with my Cable Modem so I can get on-line?

 ID:  SD-10243


NBG318S / NBG318SKit / NBG334SH / NBG334W / NBG417N / NBG419N / NBG420N / NBG4604 / NBG4615 / NBG510S / NBG5715 / P320W / P324 / P330W / P334 / P334U / P334W / P334WH / P334WT / P335 / P335PLUS / P335U / P335WT / P336M / X550 / X150N / X550N / X550NH

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Steps to connect with Cable Modem

1)      Connect the Ethernet cord coming out of the Cable Modem to the Blue WAN port on the back of the Wireless Router.

a)      Disconnect any computers from the LAN ports of the Wireless Router at this time.

2)      Unplug the power from your Cable modem. If all of the lights do not turn off, check the cable modem for a back up battery which will need to be removed while powering the modem off.

3)      Unplug the power from the Wireless Router.

4)      Let the Cable modem sit with no power for about 5 minutes. Then plug it's power back in.

a)      Wait for 30 seconds after powering on the Cable modem so it has fully booted.

5)      Next plug the power back into the Wireless Router.

6)      Wait for 3 minutes after powering on the Wireless Router before reconnecting your computer to one of the LAN ports on the Wireless Router.

      a)      Reconnect a computer to one of the four LAN ports on the Wireless Router


7)      Open a browser and check to see if you are able to get on-line.



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