Question:  Can my neigbors see my network if I use the Powerline Products

 ID:  SD-10185


PL100Kit / PL100 / PLA100 / PLA400 / PLA400Kit / PLA401 / PLA470 / PLA400V2 / PLA401Kit / PLA401V2 / PLA402V2 / PLA407 / PLA4205 / PLA450 / PLA450V2 / PLA470V2 / PLA491

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Powerline network security

Issue: Can my neighbors get onto my network using the powerline products

Product(s): PL-100 / PL-400 / PL-450

Firmware Version: NA

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1.      In most cases, no, your neighbors cannot see your HomePlug network. In cases where the electrical system may be shared (such as apartments, condos, motels, etc.) your neighbors may see your HomePlug network, provided they also use powerline equipment. In this type of scenario, where the electrical system is shared, it is a good idea to enable encryption on your HomePlug appliances. Encrypting your private powerline devices will ensure that other HomePlug devices in the electrical system cannot see your data.



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