Question:  How do I upgrade the fimrware on the NBG-419n?

 ID:  SD-10021



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Current Firmware Version


Updating Firmware


            Sometimes updates are put out for the software that runs on your router (the “Firmware”). These firmware updates may add new features to your router or fix bugs that may have cause problems for some people. This document will walk you through the process of updating the firmware on your NBG-419n wireless router.



Step 1: Logging Into Your Router


Connect your computer to the wireless router using an Ethernet cable. Make sure to plug into one of the four LAN ports on the back of the router. Then on your computer, open either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Clear out the address bar at the top of the screen and type in

Depending on your router it could be You may need to check the user manual or bottom of router for information on the default settings. After typing the IP address of your router and hitting Enter, you should get the router login window. For the default password, use 1234. Click on the login button once you have entered the password.




Once logged in, you may be asked to change your login password. You can make a new password or just click “ignore” to keep the password as 1234.



            Once logged into your router, you will need to select the Expert Mode option at the top of the screen.


Step 2: Checking the Firmware Version


            Once logged into the NBG-419n Expert Mode, you will be on the Status page. At the top of the Status page under Device Information is a heading that says Firmware Version. To the right of that is your current firmware version. Note what it is so that you can check the download library for a newer version.




Step 3: Downloading the Firmware


            Once we know what firmware version the router is currently using, we can check if a newer version available on the website. Click Here to check the NBG-419n’s Download Library and see if there is a newer version of firmware available.


When a later firmware version has been found, you should save it to your computer’s desktop. Open the ZIP file and copy the file ending in “.bin” to your desktop. Usually the firmware download will have two files. One is the “.bin” and the other is a release note in the form of a Word or PDF file. We only need the “.bin” file on the desktop.



Step 4: Uploading the Firmware


            Once you have extracted the .bin file from the ZIP and placed it on the desktop, you will be ready to upload the firmware. Go back to the page where you logged into the NBG-419n or follow Step 1 again to log back into the router.


            Once you are logged in, click on Maintenance at the left side of the screen and then select Firmware Upgrade below Maintenance.

On the Upgrade Firmware page click the Browse button. In the window that pops up, browse to your desktop and select the “.bin” file and click Open. Then click on the Upload button to begin the firmware upgrade.



After you have clicked Upload, you will get a screen showing that the firmware upgrade is in progress.  This page will display during the firmware upgrade.


The firmware update may take a couple of minutes depending on how large the update is. Watch your router to see when it has reset (the lights turn off momentarily) and when it has fully booted up (the Power light has turned solid Green). Then you can log back into your router and check the Status screen to make sure it has the firmware version you uploaded.



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