Question:  How do I set up the WAP3205 in Client Mode?

 ID:  SD-10009



 Firmware/Driver Version: 

1.00 (BFR.3)

 Prerequisite Information: 

Wireless router SSID, wireless encryption type, and wireless encryption key.


Setting Up Client Mode


            This document covers the options and steps for setting up Client Mode on your WAP3205 wireless access point. Client mode allows you to connect 2 devices on the LAN of the WAP3205 with it wirelessly connecting to a main router. This document assumes you are at least up to firmware V1.00(BFR.3)



Step1: Logging Into Your WAP3205


            Before we can log into the WAP3205, you will need to statically assign an IP address to your computer. Assign your computer with any IP address between and


Connect your computer to the wireless router using an Ethernet cable. Make sure to plug into one of the two LAN ports on the back of the WAP3205. Then on your computer, open either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Clear out the address bar at the top of the screen and type in


After typing the IP address of your router and hitting Enter, you should get the WAP3205 login window. For the default password, use 1234. Click on the login button once you have entered the password.

Once logged in, you may be asked to change your login password. You can make a new password or just click “ignore” to keep the password as 1234.




Step 2: Changing Settings in Expert Mode


            Once logged into your router, you will need to select the Expert Mode option on the main screen.


            Once you are on the Expert Mode page, click on the Maintenance icon on the left.


Then click on Maintenance and select Sys OP Mode under it. Then select Client Mode and click Apply.



            Once the unit has finished changing settings, log back in and return to Expert Mode. Then click on the Configuration icon (the two orange cogs).


            Under the Configuration page click on the Wireless LAN option, then click on the Site Survey tab at the top of the screen. In the Site Survey section select the wireless SSID of your main router and click Add Profile.




            In the Profile Setup screen you can set the profile name and set your Security settings to match the router you are trying to connect to. Once set, click on Apply.



            Once you have created your Profile, go back to the Profile tab. Select your profile in the list and click the Activate button. When the check mark turns from red to green, your profile has connected.



            If you go back to the Status screen, you should see the WLAN Connection Status as Associated. You should be connected now.



            In order to get on line, make sure to set this computer back to Automatically Obtain an IP Address. Once set this way, you should get an IP address from your main wireless router when connected to the LAN of the WAP3205.


            Also, you do not need to change the LAN IP address of the WAP3205 to match the LAN IP subnet in order for traffic to pass through. (The WAP3205 is set to and your main router is set to But, in cases where you want to be able to easily configure the WAP3205 after setup, you should change the LAN IP address on the WAP3205 to be in the within the same range of the main router ( and Changing the WAP3205 IP address is also important in cases where the main wireless router hands out IP addresses (DHCP) which could be in the range of the IP the WAP3205 is already set to.



Your main wireless router has and IP address of and its DHCP range is from And your WAP3205 is still at To give it a safe IP address (that will not cause conflicts), you want to make sure it is out of the DHCP range of the wireless router. By setting the WAP3205 to 192.168.10.x you will be in the same IP subnet range of the wireless router. And by having it set to, you will be out of the DHCP range of the main router.

            By having the wireless router and WAP3205 in the same IP subnet range (the 10 in the you will be able to log into the WAP3205 with out having to statically assign an IP address to your computer. Since your computer will already have an IP address form the wireless router which is in the same IP subnet of the WAP3205, you only need to enter the LAN IP of the WAP3205 in order to log in. You won’t need to statically assign the IP address on this computer.




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